Saturday, May 26, 2012

Topic Ideas!

Post your topic ideas here!


  1. Professional sports! (Inspired by this garbage)

    High school graduation! (Inspired by my cousin's grad that I attended last night, and my brother's coming up next month)

    Rural Saskatchewan! (Also inspired by my cousin's grad)

  2. Oh my goodness. That show looks frustrating!

    I like all these themes, and might add a few of my own... how about writing? Since we'll all be writing to post things on the blog, and all. Aging? Siblings?

  3. The monarchy!

    I also have a list of other ideas.. somewhere, that I can post later.

  4. More ideas:

    - Video Games
    - Manual Labour and Skilled Trades
    - Ancestry/Genealogy

  5. Some ideas someone sent me, these will end up on the poll eventually!:

    * chairs
    * colours
    * bridges
    * coworkers [this is for you]
    * the sea
    * counting
    * rainbows
    * personal hygiene
    * cacti
    * body mods