Friday, August 31, 2012

So many games, so little time

Well I have to say that gaming is a big part of my life.  Mostly video games, but I dabble in other types as well.  And one constant in my life is that I never have enough time for all the gaming that I would like to do.  I didn't even have time to write a proper post about gaming this month (though I really wanted too).  But at the moment I am very busy with field work, which includes long, long days, and not being at home.  As such, I cannot game or write about gaming.

That being the case I will revert to a bit of a bullet list of things I wanted to touch on.

Halo changed everything.  Not just for me, but for the medium, I think.

Gaming is a valid artform.

The gaming industry and where it is headed.  Big developers and corporations are required for large, and in depth technical games.  But will the "impersonal corporations" hurt games? Can games continue to be good art when developed simply as a product to make money?

And lastly, I need more friends who are into gaming, for co-op experiences.

I really would have liked to write more about this topic, as it is near and dear to me, but stupid "real" life has gotten in the way.  So this last minute vomit of words will have to do.

PS - this was written in my approximately half hour of free time I get while in the field these days.  So I apologize if it makes no sense at all.  My mind is numb.

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  1. I've been wanting to reply to this for like weeks but finally have time now. So!

    Re: Halo - I don't know! I never played this game much. Although it was the first game that I played on the Xbox, with the original giant controller, and thus made me kind of hate the Xbox.

    Re: games as art - Agreed!