Sunday, September 30, 2012

One hundred and eighty!

I've been struggling with writing a post this month partly because I've been working out of town and haven't had a lot of time to draft a post over my lunch hours, which is what I typically do. It's also because the main reason that I suggested this topic back in May was a desire to complain about While the Men Watch, which I'm still annoyed by but can't bring myself to care about anymore.

So instead I'm forced to get sloppy again. Let's have a quick chat about one of the lesser known professional sports: darts.

Now, I don't really follow darts or anything like that, but I did randomly watch the 2010 Premier League finals with my brother, and that basically put the sport at the very top of my list of obscure entertainments.

I feel like I've been leaning pretty heavily on embedded videos in my posts, but please watch this one:

A few things I'd like to draw your attention to in this video:
  • Yes, Phil "The Power" Taylor is wearing a shirt with his own face on the back of it.
  • As you may have guessed, the so-called "nine-dart finish" is basically a perfect score in darts.
  • That being said, the object of the game overall is to work down from 501 points to zero.

Suffice it to say, I hope, that my brother and I spent a very entertaining evening watching this.

I have no real lesson or philosophy that I'm presenting here. Mainly I guess it's just interesting and/or incredibly amusing to be reminded of pro sports outside of the big three or four that everyone tends to think of when they encounter the term.

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  1. It is fun to be reminded of sports other than the big three or four. As you showed, there are lots of insanely talented people out there. While, like many sports I can't see myself being a die hard fan; but, seeing moments like that (video) are always fun.