Monday, July 16, 2012

Thinking about Batman

I was going through my folder of funny pictures I find on the internet, and came across a comic from XKCD that pretty much sums up my thoughts on aging.

I often feel this way.  I spend much of my days doing "grown-up" activities, but my mind is often somewhere else completely.  I spend lots of time thinking about my hobbies.  I have numerous hobbies, some which are far nerdier than others, but most of them make me feel like a big kid.  Being an engineer at the same time makes me feel a little like I have split-personalities.  One is the serious engineer, working in the serious workplace, where everything is serious.  The other is the kid with his head in the clouds trying to figure out how to build the biggest thing ever built... even if that thing exists only in minecraft.

There might have been a grander point to this post but I lost it... I was thinking about Batman.


  1. Meanwhile, this is my favourite age-related xkcd comic.

    Alas I couldn't embed the actual image. The chronology doesn't quite apply to me but I do love the old people boning implications, hehe.

    I also spend a lot of my work time thinking about stuff I'd rather be doing. I got a lot of clarity out of a recent conversation with someone saying that they wanted to get a job that they liked enough that would enable them to do the things they loved without having to make money from them. I'm not quite there yet personally: I don't have enough time for anything right now, but I feel like I might be able to get there within a reasonable amount of time.

    1. Haha, that is also a great comic. I am also not at the stage in life you mentioned, but it seems like a good goal to work towards.

    2. It at least seems more attainable than "become rich and famous somehow," a dream that I've finally given up on, haha.

  2. I think most people feel this way (though I'm not sure) - I think we should all agree to cut the "I'm a mature adult!" posturing and just be honest about the thinking about Batman moments in our lives.