Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back to Basics

In the spirit of last minute posts, here is a quick one.  A few months ago I acquired a hair comb again, after years going without.  It is not that I avoided using one, I actually didn’t have one at all.  Back in high school I did the hair gel thing, which required gel and hands, not much more.  Then came university, long days, and sleepless nights.  My hairstyle of choice evolved into the “shower, and put a hat on” style.  It was highly efficient.   I rolled with this until quite recently.  But a few months ago I started cutting my hair a little differently, and having a comb helps make it look nice. 

However I still tend to put a hat on after combing it.  Sometimes this helps (stupid cowlicks), other times it hinders.  Maybe I just need to find a certain type of hat, which will have less interference. 

Also, similar to Megan, I cut back on my grooming while away on site.  The comb definitely stays at home.  While on a job my hair is generally covered by a toque, hood, hardhat or some wild combination of these items.  So there is no need to try make it fancy.  Also, bring on the beard!


  1. For some strange reason, it has never occurred to me that a dude could completely live without a comb for multiple years, although now that I think about it, it's obvious.

    Anyway, cowlicks totally are the worst.

    And I'm so disheveled on site I can't believe I'm still employed sometimes. Every night when I get back to camp and see myself in the mirror I'm astonished anyone talks to me, haha.

  2. You know what I realized? I'm not sure I understand the difference between "comb" situations and "brush" situations. HAIR IS CONFUSING

    1. Neither do I. Or like round brush vs regular brush?

      I went 100% comb a few years ago when I realized I hardly had any hair left (compared to my high school years when it was down to the small of my back). But I think they're better for your scalp? I'm not sure.

      I do know a woman who has super long hair that she's very careful with, so it actually looks healthy instead of gross at the bottom like a lot of really long hair does, and I've heard her say that she doesn't wash it often, and combs it out with her fingers first, then I think with a comb?