Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Feminine" Hygiene

Feminine hygiene is a phrase that always grossed me out. It's got that vaguely clinical sound to it, like there's a euphemism buried in the term just waiting to smack you over the head with some antiseptic and shame for being too direct about your "lady problems." Ignoring that sense of foreboding, I am about to embark on some good ol'-fashioned period talk. Squeamish beware?

For all the menstruate-ers out there vaguely sick of tampons or pads, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend menstrual cups. The one in particular that I have had (positive!) experiences with is the Diva Cup, but I'm certain there are other good kinds out there. What's good about using these?

1. Less waste - you just buy the one cup and then use it for a long time (how long totally depends on your particular item). Less waste in terms of trash from pads or tampons, and also less wasted time going out to buy those things!

2. Less expensive - of course, you're going to spend a bit more up-front, but over time, these things will save you money. I'd estimate that I've saved about $50/year from using the Diva Cup instead of tampons/pads.

3. Good for the lazy - as much as I love reasons #1 and 2, 3 is by far my most important reason. Changing pads or tampons is something you often have to do several times a day, and overnight can be stressful because you're asleep long enough to cause murderous-looking accidents in your pants. What I like best about the Diva Cup is that it's supposed to be emptied every 12 hours - it's a lot *easier* to deal with periods now.

Now, I'm pretty sure these aren't for everyone. But I thought I'd share the one personal hygiene product that has most improved my life in the past five years, rather than rambling about how much I hate putting on sunscreen in the summer (oh, how i do!). If you, dear reader, or any of your friends are even remotely curious about menstrual cups, I say try 'em!


  1. Oh man, I'm so happy you wrote this. My #1 reason for not trying one yet is that I'm a bit hesitant to spend $50 or so on something that I might not like at all.

    But then I've certainly spent $50 on worse things, so maybe I should quit putting it off.

    1. Definitely try it! Also, in a sort of timely fluke, The Hairpin just wrote about this yesterday:

    2. I have to add that my #2 reason for not trying it yet is that I hate the word "diva." It is just terrible as far as I'm concerned. Hahaha.