Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dating Advice for Nerds

Hi again!

I've got another dating-related link I'd like to share this month: Dr. Nerdlove. It's a dating and relationship advice column written with an eye to advising specifically geeky/nerdy types (he tends to aim his advice towards dudes, for several reasons he goes into fairly often), so this kind of fits with the "socializing engineers" idea of th'blog. I can't say that I agree with everything that he writes, but I stumbled upon the site when he was getting a lot of publicity for talking about nerds and male privilege - and ever since then, I've rather enjoyed reading his column.

He's perceptive, compassionate, and engages the social issues at work in the dating world in a way that I think is pretty effective and non-shitty, rather than spouting the often scary/manipulative PUA kind of stuff that seems to ooze out of the internet. (He does, however, need a better copy editing process :/). Take a gander!


  1. I took a chance to read some of his stuff, and it does seem like an interesting site. I will have to read some more as I get time. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Rather, I "had" a chance, not "took" a chance.

  3. I actually really like Dr. Nerdlove a lot and found him via you.

    He isn't my favourite advice dude (Dan Savage gets that honour), but I'm glad there's someone like him talking to the geek community about all of its/their sexual hangups and social awkwardness.